Tank Cars

Tank cars are the primary containers used to transport hazardous materials by rail. At any incident, identifying the contents of this type of railcar is critical. On the ends and sides of each tank car, you will find the car initial and number. By calling CSX with that identifying information, we can quickly determine the contents of any railcar on our system.

Not all tank cars transport hazardous materials. Corn syrup, soybean oil, and molasses are among the non-regulated products commonly shipped in tank cars. If hazardous materials are present in a tank car, whether loaded or empty, placards will be present on each side and each end.

There is no front or rear to a rail car. There is an A end and a B end. The B end is where the handbrake wheel is located.

If it is necessary to access valves on top of a tank car, never put your body over or in front of any valve, gauge or other opening, and remember to use your own ladder for access.

[an illustration of a tank car]


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